„If you want new answers, you have to ask new questions.“

J. W. von Goethe

Executive Search

A company is only as successful as the people who build it.

Global changes in business and working life require new and creative solutions. Thanks to our long-time industry expertise coupled with specialist knowledge and cultural sensitivity, we are able to provide you with targeted assistance in your search for top executives. We address your problems and challenges in terms of region, industry, function and individual corporate culture. We represent your company on the market with professionalism, personal commitment, dedication and a spirit of partnership.

We lay the foundation for every successful search mandate through comprehensive market analyses, an intensive inventory of the corporate and divisional culture, and an assessment of the existing future strategy at your company. All the information gathered is incorporated into a meaningful and attractive job exposé.

Standardized documentation makes it easier for you to compare and assess our candidates and thus leads to a targeted selection process. For a sustainable and long-term success, a fruitful personnel search does not end for us after the contract of the placed candidate has been signed, but leads to continuous communication in the triangular relationship between you, our placement and us.

Interim Management

GAIN Interim Managers are tailor-made solutions for your projects.

Whereas yesterday managers held safe positions within stable organizational structures, today they act as initiators of constant (inter)national and structural change. GAIN Interim Management Services (GIMS) is our interim service that seeks and provides experienced professionals for your change processes. 

You gain fast access to change-minded and experienced leaders who initiate and accompany constant change in companies and lead them to success. GIMS experts are reference-checked managers who make a difference due to their business experience, stamina, multilingual capabilities and geographical flexibility. They are all united by a strong will to change and make things happen. 

GIMS connects you with experienced executives from all manufacturing industries as well as from multiple functions ranging from finance, operations and HR functions up to supporting roles in i.e. restructuring projects, M&A activities, standardization, optimization or digitalization of business processes.

Board Services

Efficiency is not a matter of time, but of doing the right thing.

With our cooperation partner, we improve the performance and effectiveness of your board. Our evidence-based and data-driven approach to board evaluations brings governance to life. Our proven method generates invaluable insights for each board member, enabling them to operate more effectively in the boardroom and make a greater contribution to collective board performance.

Our digital solution and board advisory services are based on peer-reviewed research that provides insightful analysis and actionable results to each board member and the collective. This is a fully customizable, intuitive and secure solution designed for effective board assessments and actionable development programs.

If you wish to learn more about increasing board performance, please contact us.

Potential Analysis

We cannot become who we want to be by remaining who we are. Max DePree

Globalization, digitalization, company takeovers and other entrepreneurial changes constantly require new and individual needs, demands, competencies and needs for action - both for the management team and for individual executives.

We help you not only to define what expanded capabilities this entails for each executive, but also to identify their deficits and build on their strengths. In times like these, it is more necessary than ever to know and retain management talents. To this end, we work closely with your personnel development department and provide advice on the individual development of a manager.

Structural changes can lead to uncertainty and stress. Our potential analysis helps you to counteract this by, among other things, comparing personal values with your corporate values. Our custom-built measurement tool is carried out by certified consultants. Our potential analysis helps you to compare (“benchmarking”) and measure (“scoring”) your managers with those of competing market participants.

Our standardized dossier of an individual analysis helps to ensure comparability. Combined, the results of our potential analysis provide you with indications for efficiently structured coaching measures that save you time and money.

Career Advisory Service

The future path in a new direction begins with taking a stand in the here and now.

Due to global megatrends, many industries in Germany are facing fundamental change. The labor factor is reorganizing itself, it is changing, and in some cases, it will not proceed without a reduction in personnel.

As a personnel consulting firm specializing in selected industries, we also serve as a partner to our clients during their career orientation phase. With decades of expertise, experienced and certified consultants support executives across six phases, both conceptually and personally, in the realignment of professional careers. From personality analysis to network activation, we offer these executives individualized career counseling: the GAIN CAREER ADVISORY SERVICE.

With our long-time experience in relevant markets, we guarantee our clients, in addition to an appropriate network and industry expertise - more tailored career advice and targeted access to new career opportunities.

It is the differentiation to other traditional market providers that makes the difference. By identifying each executive’s personal values and inclinations, we jointly define the career goal corridor that also takes into account different corporate cultures and values. We understand our clients’ markets and therefore advise at eye level.

Coaching & Decelopment

Inspiring and systemic personnel and organizational development paves the way for successful careers.

The importance of coaching and development activities have evolved in recent years and today it seems nearly impossible to imagine an HR lifecycle without them. Coaching & Development is a valuable resource for people and organizations to achieve personal and professional goals, to solve company problems and to develop both: organizations and individuals.

Our current business world is characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity and thus brings great challenges for companies. Through digitalization and globalization the processes in our working life are becoming faster and spreading across national borders. Fixed rules no longer apply, the future is uncertain and countless factors have to be taken into account. 

 This is where we come in and help our clients with our cooperation partner “Coaching Lions” (by Kämmerer und Esche GmbH) to be able to react to these challenges in a targeted and sustainable way. “Coaching Lions” is a strong network of systemic coaches, trainers and consultants who help you in a common developed approach to successfully master a wide variety of change processes in a pragmatic and hands-on manner


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